My deer season is pretty much over... I simply won't be back home much to hunt. Without boring you with the details, I'll just say I've seen more deer this year than my last 4 or 5 seasons combined probably.

I got a pretty lucky/easy kill during bow season.. so I already had one in the freezer. My wife and I don't cook a whole lot, so we didn't really need another deer.

The last 4 days I've spent hunting the same area with a friend. We've seen 8 different bucks and a [ton] of does. I killed a doe Wednesday. Didn't really need a second one in the freezer, so my buddy and I split it - getting a lot of snack sticks and summer sausage made out of it. We passed on everything Thur and Fri... hoping for a shooter buck.

My friend brought his step-son with him this morning (he's 15). I set up about 500 yards south of them. I had a small 8pt, 2 does, and a spike within 75 yards of me. I was really tempted to shoot one of the does, but I let them all go hoping they would make their way towards the kid. Sure enough, in about 10 minutes I heard a BOOOM... he made a perfect shot on her from about 35 yards. Really glad we were able to put him on a deer.

I went back this evening with my wife.. saw 5 does and we popped the biggest one. 3 deer in the freezer is a whole lot more than we normally eat... should have plenty of snack sticks, jerky, and tenderloin!

Here's a bad picture of this evening's doe.