I shot a buck this morning at about 70yards. He was slightly quartering towards me. At the shot he droped but when i walked up he jumped up and took off, i fired missing him this time. No blood at the scene of the shot about 25yards away i found two very small drops of blood. I trailed him for a long ways following a drop here and there snd an ocasional spray. Sometimes itd be 20-30yards before i found the next spot. I eventually ended up jumping him up but couldnt see good and he gotaway. Where he had bedded down there was a puddle of bright red blood and following where he went was a fairly good bloodtrail for 20yards or so then it dried up.

I was useing a 7mm/08 shooting 140gr balistic tips. Iveherd horror stories on these bullets before, for the guys who have had trouble with btips whatd the trail look like? Any ideas what happend?