I got 1 GWT. Saw mostly teal in fact. Very few big ducks around this morning.

Should have killed 2 or 3 GWT and a shoveler, but thats where my review of winchester blindside comes in.

It may work fine for big ducks, but I didnt find it to be worth a crap today on teal or shovelers. 30-35 yd shots. I crippled the 1 teal that was with the shoveler, had to run it down in the boat.

Later in the morning 2 other teal came in, and I hit one 2x, knocked it down but not dead. It flew off when I was getting in the boat to chase it down. I was not real happy at this point.

I changed over to some Estates I had in the bag, but I didnt get another opportunity, except on the buffleheads that were in my decoys all morning. I dont shoot those much b/c i"m not fond of eating them. They were fun to watch, and very vocal for some reason. Of course, having live decoys is always a plus.

Dont know if I will be shooting the Blindside again. Apparently the "real" pattern doesnt match up with the paper one I got last year.