got in on a Snipershide shoot at Rockcastle next w/e,,they advertised steel from 300-1300,but the way I remember the range it only goes to 1100 and they had one target at 1525,,we will see I have 75 rounds 338 Lapua loaded with the 250 Hornady BTHPMatch bullet and 90 grs H1000 for 2900fps and confirmed dope to 1025.

gonna take my 223 also and a couple hundred rounds of 69SMK and 25 grs Varget for 3025fps,,it is very accurate to 700,in good conditions it will outshoot anything I have to 600.

this type shooting has become my favorite,,I do wish I could find a spot to try at a mile,,I really think I could hit a 55 gallon drum at 1760
gun junky