I just want to say thanks to utfan for informing us on the sale cabelas had goin on I jumped on the band wagon and im glad I did! went and got my ruger 300mag wed and mounted the scope. loaded 20rds of 180gr silver bt's and stopped by the range this mornin on my way home from work. got there and an older guy I swear brought his whole wreck room with him beat me there, but was a pretty cool old coot. lol we shot 5rds and sat around talkin lettin the barrels cool then shoot 5 more. in 10 shots my 243 was good and my 350 was great. pulled out the 300 last cause thats where the work would be. started at 25yrds to get her on paper 1st shot "no way" 2nd "your kiddin" 3rd shot I was lovin it! 3 shot group you could cover with a dime and never had to touch the scope! shot the next 2 at 75 and had to adjust a lil bit left but no big deal. didnt get a chance to shoot at 100yrds for all his crap but all are shootin about 1" high at 75yrds and im happy with that. shot all 20 rds of 300 and I believe I have fallen in love with this set up! cant wait to play around with it and see just what I can get it to do. but in the mean time I hope to go bust one with it in the morning! will try to post pics of it later but I got to go pet it first
Bronco Boy