Well today has been a blessing in itself.... I got to share the day with Mrs. Grizzly in a buddy stand.... was taking her on her very first deer hunt. Had hoped to get her a first deer, but she was having second thoughts so I did most of the shooting. Took a nice 80lb (field dressed) doe first. Seeing it in person kinda made it real for her.... said it wasn't like watching it on tv.

The next deer came in and she still wasn't sure about shooting it. So, I took my biggest to date buck this morning 135lb (field dressed) 6pt. She did better with that one and was happy I had taken a buck.

We saw several deer from my "faithful" area.... been a good spot for seeing deer over the last 5-6 years.... almost a dozen deer taken from the same tree.

She had seen enough action and was ready to try it for herself. She took a shot on a nice buck as well, but for whatever reason didn't connect.

So hope all of my TnDeer family had/has a Safe & Happy Thanksgiving.... I did!!

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