I was hanging no trespassing signs across the river yesturday, after my hunt.I was on the far end of the property and as I was about to hammer s the sign, I started hearing limbs popping and snorting. Saw deer running from something and then there was the low running sneaking doe heading my direction. Thats a tattle tail sign for me that and buck is right behind her.Sure enuff there he was, 100 yds thru the thicket, I had to pick a spot to get a shot.He walked into a opening and I dropped him. He is not the one I was hunting, he is out passed his ears tho. What had me trigger happy is, I let one walk at day lite yesturday that ended up being a dam good buck, he raised his head up were the background of the woods showed his horns then went in the woods chasing a doe. \:\(

Then the fun started, had a heck of a walk then get back across the river get the cart get back across and go get him. Lord have mercy and they say I'm out of shape!! Shot at 10:30 and finally checked in at 1:45!!

3.1/2 bases.17.1/2 spread, 147 lbs field dressed

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