Guys, I've been hunting in a club off HWY230 in Only for the past 4 years. Each year the rut seems to start in the first week or so of November and run through about Thanksgiving. I've killed 3 bucks (two 8's and an 11) over the past three years, all were taken between Nov 9 and Nov 23, all were rutting. This year they haven't even started on our property as of last weekend. My property is void of fresh scrapes, rubs, or chasing. Heck, I watched a small 8 point walk right past a doe on Friday without even giving her a glance.

Has anyone hunting that area seen any chasing, etc? I don't think we've just missed it as we have multiple members saying it hasn't happened yet but I'm beginning to wonder since I keep seeing the rut is on in surrounding counties. Thoughts?

Thanks and straight shooting!