Long read, sorry.
We have own a small piece of property ,68 acres, and my friend owns/leases about 120 more, all in the same block of woods. We have had this for going on five years. We do not have time or really the places to put up summer time nutritional food plots because we have cows on it too. Basically all we do, which may not be enough, is let young little deer walk and try to shoot as many or a few more does as bucks. We have shot a few young bucks that probably should have passed but not so many that we should have problems like we do.
Out of these few years, I have killed one mature 8 pt. which was out first year, and we found a dead ten point last winter, do not know what killed him and never seen him that we know of.
Since this is the fifth year, most would think that we should finally start seeing good bucks. We haven't though. Just same ole small yearlings and 2.5 year olds that have decent 6 or eight point racks.
I haven't killed a buck in almost three years. Yall think we should continue or just shoot what we think the land gives us which is like 80-90 inch 2.5 year old eights?
I know it isn't alot of land, and that is probably our main problem. Neighbors shooting the deer that we pass. Nothing we can do about that.
Sorry for the long read, but any advice would be appreciated.

and BTW, I have killed two nice 8s, one 3.5 plus the first year we hunted, measured about 115, and another 2.5 the second year we hunted measure probably 100 to 110. The dead ten point we found was probably 130-140, great deer. Friend killed two 2.5s the second year but that is it, my brother and friend killed two probably 3.5s the second year. Sorry if confusing.
I could be wishing for too much though. I just thought this would be the year we really start seeing them.

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