Anyone have experience with deer hunting with a 44 magnum?

Up until VERY recently, I was completely convinced that I wanted a 41 magnum instead, but the cost of bullets (I don't have the material or time to reload) is looking like it will drive me away from practicing with it.

So I'm looking at the 44 mag and trying to convince myself that it's not too "scary" of a caliber to use.

My plan - get a Ruger Super Blackhawk with ~7.5" barrel and put a red dot sight on it. I'll probably buy one of those Primos trigger monopods to use for stalk hunts as a shooting rest.

Question - As a relatively small-framed guy (5'8"), am I going to regret this decision?

I want a pistol that's effective out to 50-75 yards, and the 357 just doesn't seem like it will fit the bill for knock-down power.

I think I will contact my local range and see if they have a similar gun that I could rent to try out. Appreciate any input.
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