My father and I read about these on here I decided to try it and see what its like didnt see any with pics so here it is guys save yourself $39.99 from summit we used camp cloth material a sewing machine and metal grommets. We also added some soft foam around the bottom for some weight to keep it hopefully from blowing around to much on the bottom but as u can see in pics it really covers you up alot. We are gonna sew some pockets on the inside to store things in were also gonna see how hard it is to sew some velcro straps on the bottom to lock it down at the bottom once ur up the tree . Gonna see how hard that is to do in stand before we sew them on . It measures 5ft by 4ft but u can change the measurements to fit what u want has 4 metal grommets along the rail held with zip ties hope u guys like it