My mind is getting the best of me. Ive been watching a buck this year just not able to make it happen. Sat morning he came running a doe by me around 7am, I had a great broadside shot at 60 or so yards but passed because a main highway was directly behind him, him and the doe run off into some thick brush and I lose site of them. They very well could have crossed the road and 20 minutes later I hear 2 shots \:\( ! Now ive been out the last 2 mornings in hopes of seeing him again but it hasnt happened. What I have seen though is a small young buck has had a doe on lock down for at least the last 24 hours, yesterday morning and saw him herding her around again this morning while also seeing 2 other young fellas out cruising around sniffing things out today. What my mind is telling me is that yes indeed the mature stud of the farm got shot and these little guys realize it and are taking there turn with the ladies. Am I right for thinking that or could big boy just be on lockdown with his lady somewhere out of sight? I just find it strange that all the sudden these little bucks seem like they own the place. Thanks for yalls input cause my brain needs a little clarification!!!