Hey guys,

This weekend was a pretty dang good weekend! Friday was my birthday and that morning I bagged a doe. That afternoon, I put up a lockon across the field from my climbing stand. Saw a huge shooter walk to the lockon so I decided to pass on it. My buddy is one of those "bow-only" hunters and has not got a buck with his bow yet. I let it walk in hopes that one day he will be able to shoot it.

The next day I wrestled with that a lot because I have only shot one other buck in my life. I figured karma might be in my favor. Saturday morning I took another doe and then Saturday afternoon I sat in the gun stand with my girlfriend. We saw an 8 point about 350 yards out and I said "Babe, that is not a shooter". I grunted because I haven't used a grunt call much and wanted to see the bucks reaction. Soon after that, the buck came walking down the road and out of nowhere this MONSTER comes walking out into the field. Not two minutes after I uttered "That is not a shooter" to my gf, I saw the other buck and said "Holy crap! That one sure is!" and popped him at about 300 yards. He fell DTR and somehow me and my gf got it up in the truck ourselves. He is only a 7pt but daggum he is wide! I am thinking he is at least a 4.5 year old deer by looking at his neck and belly.

Great birthday weekend!!! \:\)