Killed this nice lil 8 point on my small lil farm of 15 acres on wed afternoon at 3:30. Its not much woods but just enough for them to use it as a crossing from one property to another. I hunted this property 12 years ago and killed a doe and the deer just vanished after that. We have another 150 acre farm in Giles county that me and my father normally hunt but that 2hr drive from my place in portland,TN starts to wear on a person after awhile. I decided to get into my stand a lil later since I havent been seeing much activity at my small place so I got in my tree about 9:00 am as I was going in there was a big 6 point bigger than this guy not 20 yards from my stand I was lucky enough that he didnt spot me or smell me since the wind and location I hunt here is always in ur favor . Although I was like man what a giant deer but he was just a 6 so I let him walk on then proceeded up my tree stand. I set there for hrs before a coyote come strolling through at about 3:15 and I started to shoot him then realized I left my 2nd shot in the car and had no way to reload so i let him go (his lucky day) after that I was discouraged because I have been told always that if u see a coyote its over for the most part for the day not true this day not 15 min later this guy stepped out in the corner of the field that I can see from my treestand about 50 yards away and Im 30 yards deep in the woods on the corner of this field. I got my gun and got ready as he started heading straight to me by the time he turned broad side he was 20 yards away from me . I was prob only 10 ft off the ground but where I sit and where he was is a huge drop off and a creek then 20 yards of so of woods then opens up to this field. So I was only 10ft but because of the drop off I was really about 25 ft up above the deer or more . To make this long story short he was oblivious to the fact I was there and offered up a chip shot at 20 yards and my old 1998 knight inline with no scope just open sights dropped him in his tracks. So proud of this deer it has alot of sentimental value to me as my grandfather who passed away purchased this land for me when I was in middle school and this was the first buck ever killed on it and 2nd deer in 12 years and the deer have been sworming here ever since and I think I found out why down the small road we have that eads to the creek my father and I found about 10 persimmons trees that just came out of nowhere and deer love these things so my father has told me Sorry for the long read guys but man im still overly ecstatic about this deer and he is going on my wall he might not be mount worth to some but he is to me