Meet "right E."
I'm using flickr because photobucket had to go and change something and it's not working on my computer.

He's so named because his right ear had about a 3 inch straight cut in it. In addition he had a 3-4" scar behind his right shoulder. Looks like some just grazed him with an arrow earlier in the year.

Anyway, he came trotting up behind my stand right at 7:00 am on opening day of rifle season. Came up the the tree and stood there for a few minutes smelling. He was directly off to my right (I'm right handed and 20' up in a ladder stand so I was having a hard time trying to get into position. I had tried the EverCalm scent and was quite impressed. He kept smelling it then would look up right at me and not once was he nervous, just curious. He did this about 4-5 times with me trying to get into shooting position everytime he looked down.

Finally he turned around so I tried to get into final shooting position and the seat popped and he trotted off into some very thick brush (his tail never flagged at all). He only went about 20 yards or so then came back out into a small clearing still off to my right.

By this time I was standing up and trying to get my rifle fully into my shoulder. We continued the whole looking up then looking down with me moving slightly as he looked down for another minute or so. Again, he looked right at me 3-4 more times and was not alarmed at all.

Finally I got fully behind the scope, put the crosshairs on his neck as he was facing me and pulled the trigger. The .308 handloads with 165SSTs did the trick and he fell down where he stood. Rear legs kicked for about 30 seconds and he was done.

I was so excited (this is just my second deer in as many years hunting) that I was shaking so hard I could barely take a pic and send my wife a text that I had one down.

Thank you Lord for a beautiful deer and a great hunt. Looking forward to going back out this coming Saturday with my oldest daughter to try to get another one.