I haven't confirmed this but I am suspicious my arrows are not flying perfectly straight. On the hay bale target, they stick in angled slightly to the right (vanes coming out to the left), and sometimes hit a few inches left of the mark. When I shot a buck on friday evening, I had my release hand anchored well and looking straight through the peep sight, it all was centered with the pin right behind the shoulder, and the deer was not moving, broadside facing to my right, and I squeezed it off and the arrow went through the liver (deer still died quickly). It could have been user error, but I've noticed the arrows don't seem to fly straight on targets, and also the fact that I shot TWO trees on Friday before shooting that buck (thick growth of young trees, small shot windows, but wide enough I should not have hit any trees).

The arrows are spined for 45-60 pounds. The bow does not shoot more than 60 lb if I am correct. So it is on the upper end of the range for the arrows, however, my previous bow pulled more pounds than this bow and shot the same arrows just fine.

Maybe the rest (whisker biscuit) is too far left? If I move it too much to the right then the sight will not adjust any further to the right. But I can move it just a hair and see if it helps. The nock point is squared just fine and I use a release loop. Nimrod suggested I do a paper test and shoot through a piece of paper between me and the target to see if the arrow is flying straight or not.