Had the chance to hunt up in McMinn County yesterday on Opening Day. I've only been hunting for a couple of years, so still learning quite a bit. For instance...

I took my Mossberg .270 bolt action) to the hunt. Got to the site, but had to walk about 200 yards in to the ladder stand in the woods. I made the mistake of lading the gun before my trek through the woods. When I got to the stand about 6:30 AM I realized my clip had fallen out. I retraced my steps back to the car, but it's a gonner. Hoping it's not too hard to replace. I grabbed some extra shells, and walked back to the stand. I had to load it for single shot. I won't make that mistake again for sure!

By the time I got settled in the stand, the second time, it was close to 7:00 AM. Too late for my liking. Didn't see a deer until almost 10:00 AM. I was standing up to get down, when a good sized doe came bounding through the thickets from my left about 30 yards out. I stuck around another hour after that hoping a nice Buck was trailing her.

This is the start of my third deer season, and the first time I've actually seen a deer while hunting. Would have loved to take down a buck yesterday, but happy to enjoy the woods and relax while watching squirrels.

Here's to the next time...
Hunting for Four Years
Looking to bag my first deer!
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