With spotting help from an old buddy took this nice 7 this morning. While sitting in a shooting house between two fields my good friend calls me to say he has seen a good buck tending a doe near the creek on our property. He can't really move cause this is taking place right infront of him but at about 450yds in a wide open bottom with no chance of making a stalk.

He tells me he's lost the buck but the doe had beded down on a small growed up finger of woods near the creek. I made the choice to move and try to get there before she and possibly he left. I hoped I wasn't making a stupid move since it was 6am on opening morning of gun and I had 4 does in one field I was watching.

I slipped down to the corner of the creekbottom where I knew I would get a good look at that finger of woods. After glassing the trees I caught movement and it was her. She hadn't moved. I called my buddy and said
that I could see her but no sign of him. We knew if she was hot he wasn't going to get to far away from her...so I waited. After an hour she stood up. My buddy callef and said don't move cause he's still there! He said he caught horn movement and realized the buck had been only 20 yds away bedded down as well.

At this point we knew they were about to move out of the finger but unsure of which side. We both figured it would be the side near the creek so off I went...chest deep in creekwater...in 33 degree temps. My buddy in watching all this unfold right in front of him. I sneek down the creek and crawl up a bank to end up 50yds right behind him. Problem is from the angle of the bank I had no decent rest...so off-hand it was. First shot went a stray. Second and Third, both with him running, did not. By far one of the
coolest hunting experiences I've ever had. Feel very blessed to have been able to experience it with two of my oldest friends and one of my brothers (Monsterbuck07) Thanks guys...great day! Aged at 3.5 149lbs 17 3/4" spread

If you had to hunt to survive, how long would you live?