Today, I take two rifles to Stone's River to sight in. No problem, right? Rifle #1 is new with recently mounted scope that I bought for my fiancee for Christmas. Nice little Marlin .308 bolt. Same as mine except hers is the pretty Camo Start with hers...25 yards...Still a little new to the scope thing (used to my old open sight 30-30 lever), so it takes a little while to get close. Finally get it on.

Move targets out to 50 yards. Takes a little while longer, but finally get her on the bullseye with 1.25" group. Bring mine up, figure it should be pretty close as it was shooting nice groups out to 100 yards last year. Fire one down range, and it's about 2" off. No big deal...turn the dials and fire again. 4" off the other I start to turn the knob again, something doesn't feel right. Grabbed the scope, and yep, you guessed it...the whole freakin' thing was loose!!

So, now I'm thinkin' "I'm SOOOOOO screwed" for tomorrow. Well, at least I have one true shooting rifle. Originally, I had planned on taking my scope and mounting it on the new rifle, and mounting the new scope on mine, but didn't feel like screwing with it. Kept thinking, "if I had only swapped the scopes" I wouldn't have this problem!! lol.

So, I packed everything up, spittin' mad...the guy next to me asks me if I got them both sighted in? I told him one was and explained the other...super nice guy says, "I've got a little tool kit you can borrow"..."Thank you Jesus" says I!...Removed the scope and tightened the rail, re-mounted the scope, adjusted, and tightened. FINALLY, I gotter sighted in.

So, after this long read, the moral of the story is this: I've seen threads asking if your rifle should be sighted in every year. After today, I'll definitely not only sight mine in, but make sure that they're nice and secure BEFORE going to the range!! Good luck to everyone tomorrow!!
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