First off, let me say that Im not even a noob when it comes to duck hunting, cause Ive never been, but Ive been reading and watching videos, and find it very interesting!

About 2 days ago I was walking out to my truck right at dusk, and up in the sky and saw 4 ducks fly over.

Tonight, I was standing in the driveway telling my neighbor about seeing them flyover, and sure enough here goes a group of 5, then a minute later about a group of 6, then another big group of 10 or so and then we had about 3 more groups of 2 or 3 ducks fly over.

I was tore up to say the least, I guess I didnt realize that there are that many ducks around here, especially with out any big water around.

I could only identify the large group, cause they were darting around back and forth, which I think were teal, but man, I loved seeing them come over the house!

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