Boy it was on this morning!! Right at first light had a Buck chasing a doe, I mean full on gettin' it!! The buck cuts the doe off right at my stand (I can only see about 40 yards it so dark) buck walks under my stand. SHOOTER BUCK.. (I have passed 20 deer this year wanting a nice buck) He walks behind me pushing the doe, I get turned in my stand, buck is now at 30 yrds, still hard to see because of light!! I'm bow hunting and I try my best to find him in my sights and,,,,, I let it fly!! Couldn't see my shot and watch the deer jump and run about 15 yrds and stop by now I can't see him because of light! 5 min behind him spike comes in looking for doe, (Let him walk) 5 min after that he comes another SHOOTER BUCK.. Nice 8 down the same trail as HOT doe and buck this morning!! draw back 15 yrd shot,,,, SWACK,,, my bow breaks and my arrow falls to the ground like I threw it at the deer!! The arrow lands 8 feet from the deer, and the buck just looks at the arrow like where did that come from?? I go to load another arrow (not knowing what happened the 1st time) and see my peep sight is gone off my bow.. Something when bad wrong!!

So the 8 pt goes down to my buddy and this is the first time he ever has pulled back on a deer. Deer is at 18 yrds of him and he shoots and hit dirt in front of him!! After all this I see 2 more bucks and does (no shooters)

I get down to find my arrows and find this:

Busted the first nice shooter I shot at!! It looked like this for about 80 yrds and then nothing! I was sick to my stomach. We look for about an hour before I had to come in to work!! When I get to where the buck was standing when I shot I caught something out of the corner of my eye and couldn't believe what I saw!! Biggest buck I have ever seen with my own eyes in the woods!! He was about 70-80 yrds on the ridge across from me with his nose up a does butt!! I sat beside a tree and watched them for about 10 mins, they never knew I was there!! He would have been pushing 150" 10 pt,,,, lets just say i will be back in the tree tomorrow!! the rut is on hard in heavy in Hamilton Co.

2 years ago I shot my biggest buck with a bow and couldn't find him, now this buck would have been my biggest and can't find him! I wont be able to sleep tonight!!