I am shooting the CVA accura. CVA recommends the powerbelts (I'm sure they were compensated for that recommendation but know that would never influence their recommendation). It is a wickedly accurate combo. Shot two deer 30 min apart. One at 114 yards, one at 146 yards. Both shots just above shoulder joint. I had read about complaints about lack of blood trail but decided to use them any way. Both were at wood's edge. Got down before dark and went to find my deer. Not the first drop of blood from either, zip, nada. I would have bleed better if I had nicked myself with a razor! Looked inside the wood line, trails everywhere but one trail was more rustled than the others (like the deer was in a hurry). Figured who knows, nothing better so I'll follow it. After 60 yards both deer were lying together within 10 yards of each other. Guess the Lord knew my freezer was getting low! Looked around and blood trails began just before they fell. Sure am glad I recovered both deer but geez guess the no blood issue may be real. Has me rethinking for next year.
If I had found deer hunting in high school, I'd never have gone to college!