Im trying to get this straight. Chasing phase takes place a week or so before peak breeding, then While peak breeding occurs, is when the bucks take does to lockdown. Bsk, you mentioned 11/12-19 was your peak/lockdown time frame.

Also, everybody loves thanksgiving week, is it because the bucks come out of lockdown to locate more breed ready does? Or to feed and recouperate?

My scenario, I had a few mature bucks visiting a 5 acrefood plot for a solid week every night. I have several (4) cams setup up on the edges near travel entries and scrapes. Well, this is going on near the 7th 24 hr period that they have not visited this plot. This plot was also being hammered by tons of mature does and in that same 7 days, they aren't there either. Only fawns, and yearling bucks, and the occasional 2.5/3.5.

So my question is, is this past 7 days most likely the peak breeding taking place at my property? And also, Where would the bredding take place? Near the does preferred bedding areas, or do the bucks take the does to their preferred area to breed?

And, should I expect the mature bucks to return to the reliable food source that they were using before everything took place? Thanks

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