So I decided to do a ground hunt on my late afternoon hunt today. There were several large trees blown down from storms past few months so I picked a nice old pine and oak mix stack. Cleard out a 3x3 leaf free area and verified some shooting lanes. Squirrels were active and playing on my hearing game as I could not verify if a deer were just over the hill or not... Sun was dropping and around 5:15 I heard leaves crunching behind my blow down blind. I slowly turned right and when I got to a stopping point a freight train snort shot out and I about filled my pants with you know what!! The deer jumped back and started stomping, snorting and pawing the ground,,, needless to say I was frozen watching and waiting what this feller was going to do! After a 30 second stare down he snorted once more and ran away alerting others I'm sure. What a rush, one experience I hope to learn from and do again with some better preparation set up wise. Addiction #2 has commenced!
This is my year for deer!
2007 PSE Brute HP
Muzzy 3 Blade 125 Grain
Gold Tip Extreme Hunter 55/75 Arrows
Patience Patience Patience