Gonna try some reloading pretty soon, I get the basics but have a few questions before I get carried away.

What I'm reload'n for : .243 with a 1:10 twist barrel (so think'n it should shoot heavier bullets better than lighter ones ?? correct ??)

What I need to know : How should I determine the bullet seating depth for my gun ?? If I put a bullet into a (empty) casing then chamber the round...will this seat the bullet to the perfect depth so it can be used for gauging purposes ??

Cases & primers : any certain brand of casing/primer I should look for or is ther really that much of a difference between brands ??

Never done any reloading for a rifle but have dabbled with shotshell loading, plan on using a manual for "recipies" & follow them to a T, not gonna load anything hot for speed but accuracy, have sevral friends who will be holding my hand all the way.

Feel free to offer up any info.
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