Been thinking more and more about what you said about 15 to 20 hours out of one stand,making the stand far less likely to produce a mature buck.

On my place,I have a stand on almost every point ,ridge etc.Guess it would be a good idea to move from norht to south or east to west etc each year?Guess how far woulddepend on terrain features,thickets etc.

I usually stay out of the bottoms,because of the normally swirling winds.

Do you move em each year,or just pretty much give up on em after the 15 to 20 hours on stand for the year,and come back to em next year?

Very interested in any more thoughts you have on this,may should have been posted in serious forum,but thought I would get less"my grandpappy killed deer out of the same stand for 40 years" type thing here.

I would say my place somewhat resembles cathole,but not nearly as steep,or deep hollows.Typical ridge and holler place.My place plus connecting lease is about 670 acres.

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