I'll try to be brief.

Haven't picked up my Savage 7mag since last year. I had three rounds in the removeable clip (stored separately). Put the clip in and all three rounds fired perfect (within 4 inches of each other).

Went to load the clip again and the spring worked but would not click into lower position when I loaded the rounds.

So I loaded them manually into the chamber and let the bolt push them in.

Fisrt shot was a hangfire. Next two the casings were either bulged or bulged/split when fired.

Gun is only 4 y/o and haven't ran more than 4 boxes of ammo through it.

I shoot Rem Core-locked ammo. What I was shooting today was bought last year about this time.

I shoot Rem Core-lokt ammo. The bulge/split are near the bottom at the belt (I believe it's called).

Is this an ammo problem or chamber problem????
I really don't want to shoot this gun again until I get the problems solved.
Tolerance now means OBEY!!!!