Well, went to the local wma yesterday afternoon. I heard three shots back to back. At first I thought, "that is the quickest muzzleloader reload I have ever heard." It was clear it was a semi-auto rifle. This joker(s) shot off at least 20 rounds through out the afternoon.

I have no idea what these guys were doing, besides wasting ammo and running deer everywhere. At 4:30 i couldn't take it anymore and called region 1 headquarters. The dispatcher had to give the agent on call my number. At this point, I figured my hunt was over, so i didn't care if he called me while I was in the tree stand. He calls, and all I can say is that it was a worthless conversation.

While I am on the phone, four does show up and are watching me talk on the phone. As soon as I hang up, grabbed the gun and harvested my first deer with a muzzleloader. What a roller coaster of emotions.

For the three men driving the Chevy truck, who rode mountain bikes to the back hunting with rifles during muzzleloader season, you may have gotten away with it this time, but you will get caught.