I shot my first buck last Tuesday. The weather was chilly and my buddy was nice enough to stick me in his honey hole. The buck came from my left and I never heard him. I watched him for what felt like forever, he made two scrapes then a doe came in from the left as well.

I have been hunting for 2 years now and I told myself that if I shot a buck I want to be proud of it. I have passed on about 5 or 6. I knew this one had to be at least an eight and he seemed to have decent mass, he just wasn't real wide. My first thought was maybe I should pass. After about 15 minutes of debating with myself, I decided to take him. He was my first buck and I was shooting a ML with iron sights. I was real proud of the kill and the cape on the deer is beautiful. Now I got all that rutty buck meat curing in my cooler \:\)

Buck was 11pts and right under 170lbs