Yesterday a couple of you were confused about what it meant to be a "Libertarian". In fact, in your expertise (or lack thereof) you attempted to tell me that the right to a personal choice on abortion, and the right for homosexuals to do pretty much whatever they want (including get married) were not conservative or libertarian ideas.

You were wrong. Libertarian beliefs espouse the rights and liberties of individuals so long as they don't infringe on others. It is a very conservative principle. Ironically, some of what you see as "conservative" like basing laws on religious belief, is anything but conservative.

As evidence to support my argument I attach a link to the Libertarian Party platform.

My concern with both the Tea Party Republicans and Extremely Liberal Democrats is that they are attempting to take away the rights of the individual. It troubles me that you're okay with people losing their person rights and liberties... as long as it's not you.

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