I found BSK's handy dandy deer aging post with pictures to be quite helpful but wanted to get a second opinion on one. I have a small farm and combined with a neighbor we have close to 500 acres and I've been managing my piece for about 7 years and have never taken the first buck off of it. We just don't see very many mature bucks - ever; and I'm just not going to throw away my hardwork by killing an imature buck (that's just me and that's just the way I see it). In my area bucks probably rarely, very rarely make it past age 2.5. However last year and this year, I actually started getting a buck or two on film that I believe are mature and I had another pic of a monster.

I can't post pictures because I cannot access the Photobucket website from this computer. I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to post a pic or two for me so you guys could tell me what you think the age of the deer is, i.e. whether or not he's mature.
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