Although his sister and I are no longer married, he and I have remainded good friends and still hunt and hang out together, I was happy as all get out to get a text last night, "buck down on the mtn"

Here's what I saw last night at his house:

We are guessing he is a 4.5 y/o, weighed in at 151 lbs. A typical rack for that area (wide, w/short tines)He has 9 solid pt. and 1 little pt. just under an inch on the left beam. The buck came in just before dark, nose to the ground lookin' for does. He turned and started up the side of the mtn. so Jim had to take a 80 yd shot through the open woods, hit him just behind the left shoulder(low) and clipped the bottom of the heart. That make his 4th 9 pt. off that mtn in @ 15 yrs. All about the same spread and mass.

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