Took today off to hunt.Hunted this Am and didn't see a thing.Went back this evening on the other side of the ridge about half way down the ridge side.These woods are big woods and real open,just a little before 5pm I caught movement up at the begining of the hollar,and I saw antlers.I threw my gun up,zoomed the scope in and noticed it wasn't that big,and thought i'd let him walk.Well he went away in a thicket and I thought, "good, glad he didn't tempt me"..LOL bout that time,he came back the same way and stood in a perfect opening,and stood there and stood there..LOL Well he tempted me too long..A 80 yard shot through the woods,83 to be exact per my range finder,and he ran 25 yards and piled up. Turned out to be a lil 6pt.I love to shoot a deer in the evening's when there is plenty of light left.The blood trail was amazing,blood everywhere,took a little sample pic of it.I did my best hero shot by myself,I must say im getting good at it,I piled some rocks up and put the camera on self timer.I think im just gonna continue to use my smokeless muzzleloader on through rifle season and save my $28 big game gun tag. Load was 60grs n120 and a 195gr barnes expander.

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