Well went to do some scouting this evening and about 45min before dark i set down beside a couple fresh scrapes just to see what will happen before dark and all i could think about was wonder how big of a buck made them sctapes when looked up and there he stood at 250yrds out and was walking right to me when he got to 85yrds he turned broadside so i gave it to him and watched him run back across the field. Now i been hunting for 21yrs and this was far the biggest buck i had ever put in my scope i think the shot went a little high due to his large horns (buck fever) i tracked him for about 150yrds when he crossed the fence on to anther property i cant hunt going ti ask the lady in the morning if i can enter her property to look fir him. Going to be a long night and hope she has no problem letting me on her property. Hopefully will have pic. In the morning
judge if you want were all going to die i intend to deserve it