Purchased 40 acres of mature timber and want to make some openings for a few plots (Probably less than 3 acres) and a road into the property. The plots would preferably be 1/4 to 1 acre in size.

When I say mature timber we have quite a few white oaks over 20" dbh with mixed oaks, hickory, beech, etc of the same size and the understory is dominated with small saplings.

I met with a state forester who didn't think we would be able to find a logger but recommended eliminating undergrowth and completing a crop tree release. All that said I'm considering my options for opening up a few spots.

Here are my thoughts -
1. Do I try to find a logger or firewood cutter that would potentially get me a little $?
2. Hire a dozer operator to just push timber?
3. Hire a group with a bobcat mulcher to shred?

The property is in Hendersonville (Sumner County) if you have any recommendations. And I'd appreciate any pros/cons of each option.