I was hunting from the ground friday morning..I leaned my Savage against a tree and was and a glassing my area.. somehow I turned around and kicked my gun and of course..it landed on a big rock.. right square on the scope.. well the next morning I took it to my shooting house, had my target at 100 yards and fired a shot.. 3 inches high..8 inches right.. re loaded, fired again and completely missed the target.. a 3' square sheet of cardboard.. I could not believe it.. how could I miss the whole target?? I was not using any sort of rest other than the window sill.. I climbed down and went to the target.. low and behold.. both bullets went into the same hole.. If that aint accurate I dont know what is...!! The other hole is a shot I took after I made an adjustment..
Do you know Jesus as your Savior?don't wait until its too late.You are only one heartbeat away from eternity. You never know when it will be your last. Repent and trust the Lord today as your Savior!