Here's a text conversation I had with my son yesterday, while I was hunting and he was working.

4:01 pm Dad: "Wow! The North wind is COLD!"

4:05 pm Dad: "I can see and shoot a lot farther from here than I thought."

4:15 pm Son: "Find one to shoot at!!"

4:27 pm Dad: "Just shot one. He's down a few yards from where I shot him but was still kicking a few minutes ago. Can't shoot again from here so I'm getting down."

4:31 pm Son: "Send me a picture. Do you need any help?

4:45 pm Dad: "No. I must have spined him. He's finished now. Feel like butchering him for me? I leave for the airport at 2 pm tomorrow."

4:48 pm Son: "Picture?"

4:50 pm Dad:

It's not rocket surgery, for crying outside!