I have never used a rope or strap climbing up or down. Once I get to my position on the tree I am going to hunt I lock my harness. Unlock and climb down....now here is the PROBLEM with this scenario:

This pass Saturday night, after sitting for hours 33' up. Closing time arrives and I unhook to begin my descent. I actually climbed about 20 feet or so down the tree when (for what ever reason, no one has figured it out yet) my Summit platform came unhooked and left me on the ground from around 10-12 feet up.

Doesnt sound like much of a big deal to some I suppose. However I was Blessed with only some bruising, slipped disc, inflamation from a twisted spine, irritated sciatic nerves and some really sore muscles.

POINT BEING!: Use you safety devices as they were intended. I was able to walk away, still live my life day to day as usual.

It could have been the exact opposite and much much worse. I was hunting very remote area in Ohio. Easily over an hour and half from the nearest hospital.

DO NOT TAKE THE CHANCE! I didnt like using aids up and down due to the added noise...listen how rediculous that sounds now looking back at what it couldve cost me!
" a smart man learns from his mistakes, the sign of intelligence is learning from others mistakes"