Empty On Nov. 7

I am a small business owner. I employ 120 people up from 80 during the deepest part of the recession of 2009-2010. We had employed as many as 110 in 2008 prior to the recession. We had weathered the recession pretty well and had been enthusiastic about our prospects this year and were planning for growth. The debacle of the last four years would be over soon and we could look towards faster growth, higher wages, and continued success. Until Wednesday.

As a business owner, I know I cannot spend twice as much as I take in and last long. That is the simple reason why I had supported Mitt Romney. Why the majority of the country thinks we can go down the deficit path of the last four years is beyond me.

At its core, the United States is a business. The largest employer in the world. The largest consumer of goods and services. The chief executive needs to know how business works. Obama doesn't.

I must have been living in a bubble. I really thought this would be a clear victory for Romney. I was fine with not winning the senate although I'm pretty sure someone like Elizabeth Warren or Clare McCaskill could not win in Tennessee. I accepted the Democratic majority in the senate as maybe a way for bipartisanship to re-emerge to confront the fiscal cliff.

After a long campaign, I am left empty. The President seems like a nice guy but he doesn't know how or when to negotiate. He's proven he can campaign better than anyone by splitting the country into groups and pitting us against each other. Today, I do not feel like an American. I feel like an out of touch white guy with no hope for change and no good view of the future.

I know I will recover. I'm going to feel better over time but for now I have lost confidence in the American people. I feel no compassion anymore for those having a tough time. They bought into hope and change seemingly not realizing that all politicians should be considered with skepticism. They are almost always guilty of promising too much.

China is coming. The Muslim Brotherhood is coming. The debt ceiling is coming. A nuclear armed Iran is coming. Higher taxes are coming. Restricted access to healthcare is coming. Higher fuel costs are coming. A middle east war is coming. Inflation is coming. America is going.

All I really wanted from our government was optimism. I knew I would get that from a President Romney. I have never gotten that from Obama. He would always imply in his remarks that if you were in business, you were obviously taking more than you were giving back. He would say things like "we support our job creating small businesses but want them to pay their fair share." There was always a tag line to the politically correct support statement.

We all know there is $2 trillion sitting in bank accounts of businesses nationwide. There is another $2 trillion sitting in bank accounts outside our country waiting to come back in to be invested rebuilding our country.

Waiting on optimism. I could feel it, taste it in conversations with my customers, conversations with my friends, and from the punditry I now find was a lie.

Tuesday my thoughts were, Romney wins! The country is happy, inspired. Businesses are encouraged. Banks start to lend again, responsibly. Growth is on everyone's mind, a better job, more customers, a better future. Our enemies would once again see the American dream building and realize their time was over. Until Wednesday.

As I sit here and struggle to see a bright tomorrow, I wonder who is happy. Are most Obama supporters thinking "we showed those rich guys who's boss?" Are they thinking that he just needed a little more time to figure out how to run a country? Would someone please tell me because Tuesday I was looking forward. Today I am thinking about the next four years. With certainty, I know it will be worse than the last four. I loved this country, until Wednesday.

Hank McMahon

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