Today the story comes to an end. Last year I got pics of a 9 pt with a broke g2 at the beginning of November. I didn't think much of it until he walked by me after gun season. I said to myself if he can make it through ml season he would be a good one next year. Well, he showed up on camera in August. I got about 10 pics of him and he disappeared.

I knew about where he lived and on October 28 he came by following two does. I drew back on him three times and finally got a shot off. "Ah sh!t" was my response when I saw where the arrow hit.

After a few sleepless nights of replaying the shot, the only thing I could think of was that was my only chance. However, I hunted the following Saturday, November 3, and saw him trailing two does. I snort wheezed at him and he came to 65 yds. I was tickled to death just to see him and knew he was doing just fine.

Well, November 10 rolls around and ky gun season opens. I haven't hunted with a gun in six years but I decided to take the gun this year hoping to see this buck. He was the only buck I was going to shoot with a gun. After two warm miserable days I got in the tree today after the rain at 10:30. At 10:40 I see him and a doe running away from me. Wind blowing in their direction. I said, "well there he goes. Maybe I should go to the fort for the afternoon". I stayed put and at 3:30 he walks up the logging road. I wait for him to get in an opening and take the shot. He ran about 50 yds and piled up. It's been a roller coaster ride chasing this buck but I'm tickled to have him.

He grossed 143. I thought he had more mass and guessed he would gross near 150. I checked my trail cam after loading him up and look who was on it. Sorry for the slanted pic. My camera was nudged by a deer.