I paid 97 cents for the pack of 1/4" bolts and nuts. this bolt size will screw into any camera. I only used 1 bolt and 2 nuts. One nut to secure the bolt to the wire rod, and one bolt to secure the rubber piece. The piece of galvanized wire that I found in the woods several years ago cost me $0.00 (duh), and I twisted and bent it with a pair of pliers so that it fit in between my bow sling and the hex adapter, where you would normally attach a stabilizer. The piece of rubber is optional, it holds the camera steady so it doesn't screw/unscrew from movement. Even if you have a stabilizer, you can use a coat hanger or similar wire and just bend it so that it fits around the stabilizer, and secure it in between the bolt and the riser.

Now, I will use it tomorrow. But do you think it will affect the way my bow shoots? If I have the time, I will test shoot today.