Setting up the new blind, a little nicer than my other one. Made the walls from 1 3/4" insulated window panels with a metal skin on both sides they removed at work, then had metal trim made to cover all the exposed ends and wood except the underneath side. Bought some 24" vinyl sliding windows from Menards on sale and put the door in the floor to eliminate another place for wind or rain to get in. I used some of those carpet squares on the floor so I can take them out to clean if needed, but cuts the noise level down from the wheels on the chair. No big timbers for several miles, just a couple small ones and brushy ditches and fence rows the deer use for travel. A couple crp fields and crop fields on all sides and a bedding area about 1/4 mile, but they feed down towards the blind. I'm going to take some brush and place around the bottom to break it up a little. 35 to 40 mph winds Saturday and was pretty air tight so shouldn't have much trouble staying warm and dry with the buddy heater. 3 weeks until our shotgun season, then I'll see how it works.