The recent 6 yr old (or more) deer picture on here got me thinking about how old some deer really get. When a picture of a really mature deer pops up, everybody says 6 1/2 because that's what is considered ancient, but I wonder. I was reading a QDM magazine today and saw a story about a deer they called the "cow buck" that was supposedly 15 yrs old when they killed him in 2011. They had pictures dating back to 2002, and he was mature then. He was a time-withered 4 point when they killed him. I love looking at those old past-their-prime deer and wondering how many miles they've walked or how many fawns they're sired, many of which certainly grew up and got shot well before papa. If you have any pictures of really old deer, lets see them.

This is the oldest I've gotten:

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