We own a working cattle farm and we have deer, turkey, bears and hogs that travel though it but, nothing that really sticks around. I could do without the hogs but, that's another issue for later. I am wanting to improve my farm for the cattle as well as for the wildlife and I'm looking for and open to many ideas but, the key factor has to be things that work well with both cattle AND wildlife.

Here are some pictures of the property and what it has on it now.
The first picture is of our bottoms that we use for hay. It is a mix of red clover, fescue, bermuda, timothy, and johnson grass. The johnson grass is taking over and the bermuda is (amazingly) dying off. The problem that we have is that sections of these bottoms stays wet until late in the year so ground tillage and planting would have to be for a grass that would grow in the warmer months. ***Remember whatever goes in here has to also produce enough hay for the cattle in the winter months.

Now, the HWY is an issue in that the field is visiable and there are poaching issues. My solution to that is using fast growing "screening" trees to block out the view from the road and make it so that in order to see into the field they will have to park on the side of the road and walk into the field.

The next picture is the 60 acre home place. We want to move to rotational grazing of our cattle, meaning more fencing and forcing the cattle to eat the area off before moving them to another section giving the plants time to regrow. We also have 10 acres of open hardwoods and there is little to none undergrowth. It's my thinking that by fencing these woods off the undergrowth will come back and this can be used as browsing and cover for wildlife. Once established I can rotate the cattle through as well to allow them to browse allowing some time off the pasture in the hotter months.

And here is what my plan of attack looks like so far.

This next picture is of the new ground we just purchased. It's 15 acres that adjoins us on the backside. This is "my project land" meaning .. lets make it a paridise. I don't plan on running cattle on it but, I would like it to compliment the farm. The 7 acre hill top field will for the most part be planted in a clover and alfalfa mix. I'll maintain and square bale this as a top qualitiy hay for the cows once they start to calve.

I would like to push the tree line back (light blue out lined area)and plant 6-8 rows of corn or other crop.

I am open to ideas and as many thoughts as everyone has.

If not for bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all.