I know, the thread title is redundant.

In yet another example of northeastern unions showing their complete disdain for the middle class they supposedly champion, NY IBEW local 1049 demanded that any non-union utility company pay 31.75% of wages, plus an additional $9.75 per hour worked, to local 1049 in exchange for the privilege of helping restore power to Long Island.



In a word, KACHING! Look at all the money we can extort!

As a result, many non-union utility companies chose to stay home while the IBEW has forced Long Islanders to endure life without electricity for a longer time than required.

With this and NJ turning away non-union line workers, the unions have once again proven their own greed trumps all.

Make sure to point this out any time some union drone uses the "we're for the middle class" lie.
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