Considering it is Veterans day weekend i find it funny something that was drilled in my brain years ago in the USAF I use once again in my every day life

Adapt and Overcome

3 simple words but a very important meaning.

I told my stomach doc to go to you know where 3 weeks ago and quit taking all the meds and I have had a 95% pain free 3 weeks but thursday I ate some of Katies chilli and I decided to lay off of yesterday eve as I wanted to have a great day in the woods.
well i woke up and was hurting bad hit the crapper 2x before i left the house and 1x when i got to the woods, i figure no point in a cover scent. Crawled up in the tree about 5:30 and at first light i was hurting again. well about 6:30 i see something off to my right...deer.... buck..... decent horns
he walks in front of me at 20 yds i take aim with the savage


i was like what the heck opened the bolt.... no primer
insert various curse words
i started fumbling in my coat pocket he is walking into a thicket 15 yds he is gone
i noticed the more i fiddled the more he stopped and looked

finally got in pocket then i try to get in the baggie carrying ml bullets and primers i find one i ease it out swap to other hand thinking do not drop it i get it loaded and bolt closed
at this time he is nervous turns walks back to where he came from 32 yds 1/4 away bam he ran a bit father than i would like complete pass thru good blood trail and i got to head to the creek to take care of business
I can not eat chilli no more no ifs ands or buts

btw this is not the one i passed on hoping jason would get i was in another county

williamson co

10 point
dressed 130
savage ml 10-2
zeiss 3-9x40 tactical knobs
barnes expander 300 gn 68 gn h4198 2395 fps

Drag Racing

Spending money I dont have

on things I dont need

to impress people I dont know