I hope deer season has gotten off to a great start for everyone. The air is getting cooler, the leaves are changing, and bucks are on the move. What a terrific time to be in the woods!

Speaking of woods, the topic of November’s Middle Tennessee QDMA branch meeting will be Managing Forestland for Wildlife. We will meet next Tuesday, November 13, at the TWRA Region II Headquarters in The Ellington Ag Center. If you need a map, address, or directions, click here for a Google Map.

Our program will begin at 7 p.m. and will feature Mike Huddleston, Area Forester for the Tennessee Division of Forestry Administration. Mike will discuss the history, composition, and importance of Tennessee’s forestland for wildlife. He will provide lots of useful information on what we as hunters, land owners, and land managers can do to improve the quality of our timbered wildlife habitat while also managing a valuable economic resource (the timber). Some of the topics he will cover include:

o Creation of management units
o Creation of ponds and wildlife openings
o Prescribed burns
o Plantings
o Timber stand improvement
o Timber harvest strategies

If you’ve ever wondered how many pounds of acorns a deer eats in a year, and how that relates to what a typical acre of forest produces, this will be a very interesting talk that you will not want to miss.

Show us What You’ve Been Up To

We would love to see the results of your habitat management activities and your successful hunts – especially where your hard work has contributed to your hunting success. Email me a couple photographs of anything you would like to share with the group. I will incorporate your photos into our powerpoint so that you can talk about what has worked and what hasn’t. I think that learning from each other’s successes and failures can be one of the most important benefits of a group such as ours. Send your photos along with your name and a very brief description of your subject to chris@pursuitland.com .

Please remember that we encourage everyone to join QDMA , but the public is welcome to attend our local branch meetings. I look forward to seeing you next week.


Chris Anderson
President, Middle Tennessee QDMA Branch
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