pretty good eve
a lil background my bud jason is having back surgery after thanksgiving he is having severe back pain plus still recovering for a sever neck injury. So when he hunts he like to have me tag along to help drag and gut and load any deer he shoots. I dont mind helping him as he is good to let me hunt and especially the kids and wife out at his place. I told him i really want to lay off his place so he can put a few in the freezer since it went bad and he lost a lot of meat this summer. well yesterday i went and told him i bet some dang bucks will be all over me and sure enuff he saw zip and i had a nice 2.5 yo 10 point all over me and yes i let him go i really wanted my bud to get him so tonight i put him on that ridge and i hit a food plot well 4 15 the big girl came in and i smoked her and i was like dang i hope he sees something then i heard boom and then boom
he shot a nice doe and a good button the bad thing it ran down the steepest holler on his place

we i got them all out i am beat it was a great day
i am still waiting on him to send the pics of his i will probably get them tomorrow
here is mine

37 yds
300 gn barnes expander
68 gns h4198 2395 fps mel vel
savage ml10-2
zeiss 3-9x40 tactical knobs

doe dressed 106
dropped in her tracks 1/4 away shot entered behind shoulder exited through off side shoulder
pleased with this bullet at the smokless speeds

Drag Racing

Spending money I dont have

on things I dont need

to impress people I dont know