Well was real hard getting out this past weekend. I only hunted Sat evening for 2 hours and none at all on Sunday. On Monday morning I went out and thought I would get away from the crowd so I walked a few hundred yards to where nobody goes. An hour after daylight here comes a guy on a ATV. I figured he would drive right on by me but nope. He parks 20 yards away, gets off ATV and starts doe bleating 2 minutes later. He's disabled so I got down and left for home.

Monday evening went to far off the rd spot that ATV's can't go. haha Bout 20 min before dark a nice chunky 6pt walked in. Savage with a 300gr Barnes put him down in his tracks with a shoulder shot. Through and through like usual and no bullet recovery. I sure would like to see what one looks like after doing it's work.

That makes 3 for this Savage this year between KY and TN.

I wish I had more time and energy to devote to TN ML season. This is the most awesome time to be in the woods IMO. Next weekend I'll be in KY for rifle taking a first time hunter. He's 52 but still feels good taking a newbie.