Why I use this link mainly for the pic I looked briefly at the story and it sure does fit.


I am saddened as a father of how we will leave this country for our kids, but as a father I understand that people must be held accountable for their decisions. I have spoiled my kids more than I should have and I did not completely teach how to take responsibilities as much as I should have. Why I am sure my oldest did not vote but it is because of the young generation that we have the president we do. So they will pay for the mess that this will make. As will the news who so strongly support the person who will be the nationalization of them.

The one thing is we need to know we tried to do what we all thought was right now we will see how far this country will go before the one true father will give us a moral correction. I know he promised he would never flood the whole earth he never said he would not flood a country or maybe all the ocean front property :).